What happens when rewards end?

As most know, on Nov 17th 12:00a UTC (aka about an hour from now), UNI farming ends and >$1B ETH will be unlocked. It’ll be very interesting to see how this unfolds and where investment opportunities lie.

There is currently one investment that is, in my opinion, currently overlooked. Read on and you can decide for yourself if you agree.

As mentioned, the main point of interest is the ~$1B in ETH that will be “released” once the liquidity mining ends. Catching the move of this new token flow could reap lucrative rewards for the right bets.

Currently, there are…

What’s happening @ OKEx?

Alts in a month, maybe

People have mostly shaken off the OKEx withdrawal suspension news, and perhaps for seemingly good reason as BTC continues its ascent upwards.

However as of today, withdrawals are still suspended and no new information has been released. With each passing day, the chances of an Altpocalypse in the short run becomes more likely because of what may unfold under these current circumstances. (And should we really be ignoring the serious, ongoing situation?)

The idea is generally along these lines (not financial advice):

  1. The longer OKEx delays withdrawals while enforcing “patience” and staying silent for its users, the less confidence users will have. …


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